An Important Petition – Dig IT

by Sheltering Cedar

I’m not part of any organized-religion, though I’m religiously devoted to God the Father in Heaven and His Son.  I guess you could call me a Christian, but I prefer to be called a Follower of The Way (of The Lord Christ Jesus). Talking about such things often has me in a category in which I’m forced to explain myself. There is nothing to explain. The first line above explains completely, as far as I’m concerned. I’m not a debater or philosopher; nor even a great researcher; and prefer to keep things simple instead of complicating that which is already complicated by centuries (even millennia) of lies. Satan hates The Truth. I’m fighting a war which was already won in heaven. If Satan was defeated there, he can certainly be defeated on Planet Earth and he will be. It is just a matter of time. Though it seems to be something we are running out of. The clock keeps ticking and I do not know even one person who is getting younger. The sooner the better when it comes to doing the right thing. Which is the purpose of my post. Most truthers by now realize we are fighting  Satan. With that comes the realization (or it should) that we are fighting a very evil being. He has, like he had when in heaven, followers. Some, who are knowingly following him, and others too stupefied to even know. Either way, Satan is who he is; dark and powerful.

With that said, please take time to peruse carefully and seriously this important Petition:-