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I’m not part of any organized-religion, though I’m religiously devoted to God the Father in Heaven and His Son.  I guess you could call me a Christian, but I prefer to be called a Follower of The Way (of The Lord Christ Jesus). Talking about such things often has me in a category in which I’m forced to explain myself. There is nothing to explain. The first line above explains completely, as far as I’m concerned. I’m not a debater or philosopher; nor even a great researcher; and prefer to keep things simple instead of complicating that which is already complicated by centuries (even millennia) of lies. Satan hates The Truth. I’m fighting a war which was already won in heaven. If Satan was defeated there, he can certainly be defeated on Planet Earth and he will be. It is just a matter of time. Though it seems to be something we are running out of. The clock keeps ticking and I do not know even one person who is getting younger. The sooner the better when it comes to doing the right thing. Which is the purpose of my post. Most truthers by now realize we are fighting  Satan. With that comes the realization (or it should) that we are fighting a very evil being. He has, like he had when in heaven, followers. Some, who are knowingly following him, and others too stupefied to even know. Either way, Satan is who he is; dark and powerful.

With that said, please take time to peruse carefully and seriously this important Petition:-


Beware of Wolves – Britain First

A new political activist group coming out of nowhere calling themselves Britain First and talking about bringing back capital punishment, within the present system, for “the most despicable terrorists, child killers and murderers that have ever walked the earth”. Should they be hailed as an answer to prayer?

Britain First looks like a N.W.O. organization, and does not provide the proper message for people to follow. It is political-like propaganda and guiding people to judge wrongly.

The group claims to support Christians, and insinuates capital punishment is a Christian Justice, but their endorsements support the current criminal-justice system, instead of The Way of Justice taught by Christ. To those who may be atheists or agnostics and either do not believe in God, or are not certain, please use logic to reach the correct conclusion.

Capital punishment is Lawful for murder, rape, paedophilia, adultery, and men having sex with men; but terrorists??? Remember that one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom-fighter. Whilst this organization may not be endorsing Capital punishment for sodomy and adultery, these current criminal-governments, both Great Britain and America, have been accusing Muslims of terrorism, when facts of terrorism point directly to British and American governments, and not Muslim patsies they used and accused.

And so they open their campaign with an image associated with bringing back the death penalty with a Muslim-appearing man (not Anglo-Saxon) defined with a sharper contrast. Typical subliminal programming and corresponding with their anti-Muslim propaganda.

Further anti-Muslim propaganda continues by bringing attention to a Muslim paedophile gang targeting under-age girls of the non-Muslim communities, and absolutely no mention whatsoever of the high-profile cases in alternative media, such as the Hollie Greig story, which would implicate crimes in government organizations, that Britain First may want to ignore.

The three listed members of the management team show a past association with political parties, admitting current politicians / MP’s / and the media are dishonest; then offering this alternative to the people: – “This is exactly what Britain First seeks to do: to lobby, cajole, expose, demonstrate and organise on behalf of our beleaguered people.” – end of quote.

Sorry, but this is no different from what the politicians say they will do, and never end up doing. Unless the group begins to demonstrate something new/different and admitting the current system needs not only an improvement, which is the leash these governments have been using for centuries, even millennia, to keep the people chained to a false hope, and admit the System needs to be dismantled totally and as soon as possible STARTING with the “queen” whom most of these groups protect, then they should not be trusted or followed.

Immigration is a problem created by the N.W.O. by fraudulent legislation: then why go after Muslims with a Capital punishment threat, and not go after the source of problems. The group doesn’t mention exposure of the gov’t, complicit in high-crime, but Muslims and the target group used to cover-up these crimes, by the very officials who lead people.

A telltale sign of the misled N.W.O. sponsored groups are protection of their leaders. Politicians, MP’s, or policy-enforcers act criminally and are following orders from above. Unless a group highlights more than the principal players, and attacks the Hidden Hands behind the scenes, nothing will be accomplished and being half-awake can be dangerous.

Their System is so evil, and is really Satanic, by definition. In fact it cannot be improved and must be totally replaced. Promoting ‘changing’ the System is denying, covering-up, the fact we are ruled (enslaved) by Satanists. Political tactics will not work and are part of the problem.

Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing, particularly the Illuminati wolves that have been studying mankind since the dawn of time, looking for ways to turn men away from God and His Royal Law of Liberty.

“My, what big teeth you have Grandma!”
E2 swore on the Sovereign’s Bible to do her utmost to maintain The Laws of God and has since broken her oath and binding contract with the British people thousands and thousands of times during the past 58 years that she has been pretending to be the monarch.  Sadly she has convinced many of her ‘subjects’ that she is just a little old  lady who wears fancy hats and sips tea in her castle of choice.  What a convincing disguise for the world’s #1 terrorist.  “My, what big teeth you have Grandma!” to which the wolf replies, “The better to eat you with,” before swallowing little Red Riding whole.

Remember, remember the 5th of November

Let’s not forget Guy Fawkes, who was tortured and killed for his anti-establishment efforts to put an end to Parliament.  The word Parliament means “Speaking Lies”  from the French words Parler which means to speak, and mentir which means to tell lies.  We don’t need to empower the liars and their evil system as Britain First  would have us do; we need make these puppet politicians rescind all of their fraudulent man-made legislation and return to God’s Law.  There is no other way to true freedom, justice, peace, prosperity, safety and security. Under the current lawless system, the death-penalty could be used to murder the innocent, instead of punishing the criminals. The real criminals would then continue to run free, murdering freedom-fighters.

Politics will never work, because a house divided shall not stand and will be brought to desolation.

The only solution is to defeat this System, not try to fix it.  Evil is not fixable, but requires deterrence under only God’s Law with a True Wisdom taught by Christ

How?  Show the N.W.O.’s head that you know she is a fraud, by using the Lawful Defence upfront in the Court cases, making life uncomfortable for her and her cronies for a “change”.

Avoid politics. Stop trying to “fix” a System that needs to be destroyed, and should be, for all the evil it is.

The Birkenhead event was monumental and incorporated with the Lawful Defence would be good.  Mixing politics with the truth movement can be extremely dangerous and used by political enemies. Politicians have to swear an oath of allegiance to E2, and she is the problem, so how can entering politics fix the problem? Obviously it can’t.

Michael Collins is an example of a freedom fighter persuaded to negotiate within Parliament and became an in-House political fighter, and met his doom, instead of continuing to fight outside-of-Parliament. He was then able to be used by what appeared as a set-up, planned long before he ever realized, and afterwards it was too late.

“Braveheart”, as well, is an example of success followed by tragedy when negotiating with Politics.

This article was written to prevent what happened many times before to well-intentioned fighters. Be well, be safe, be well armoured with the Protection of God’s Law found in the Lawful Defence.